A 50-year-old actress tries to make a comeback in Hollywood ... and it nearly kills her. A story of life, love, addiction, and redemption.
Shaunt Benjamin
Shaunt started acting by taking summer classes at Harvard University and worked in local cable television and commercials before moving to Los Angeles in 1990 to further his dramatic career. Shaunt honed his craft both in theater and film by intense study and making discoveries which brought him to realize, as a former Tae Kwon Do champion, the similarities between the two arts. “The transformation from the Martial Arts to Acting was a natural metamorphosis since both arts require spiritual awareness, mental concentration, physical and emotional expression.” He is a lifetime member of the Actors’ Studio and has worked in several theater presentations as the lead and has starred in over twenty feature films, four of which have had theatrical releases. Shaunt is also a Screenwriter and a Director and has recently established his theater company “Mike-Angel Production” dedicated to the production of children’s theater and he is the President/CEO of “Melody Films” dedicated to making life affirming movies.
Shaunt and his wife Vera live in Glendale Ca. with their nine year-old son Vrej(Mike) and their three year-old daughter Melody. Shaunt has a strong commitment to his family and community and believes one should do as much good as possible in one’s lifetime and he practices the virtues of the unstoppable human spirit.
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