A 50-year-old actress tries to make a comeback in Hollywood ... and it nearly kills her. A story of life, love, addiction, and redemption.
Maggie Wagner
Maggie Wagner grew up in New York City had hers stage debut as "cindy" in To Gillian On her 37th Birthday" and was formally trained at The Neighborhood Playhouse. Her first career break came in 1986 when she was cast in the film “Anna” starring Oscar nominee Sally Kirkland. Since then she has appeared in over 30 movies and TV shows including “Working Girl”, “One Fine Day”, “For The Boys” & "James Dean" directed by her uncle Mark Rydell, and most recently at The 2005 Sundance Film Festival in family mock-u-drama “The Talent Given Us” directed by her brother Andrew Wagner. Maggie is a lifetime member of The Actors Studio. Future films include romantic comedy “Coffee Date” starring Jonathan Silverman and Jason Stuart, “Richard III” starring David Caradine , Currently filming “The Violent Kind” starring John Savage.
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