A 50-year-old actress tries to make a comeback in Hollywood ... and it nearly kills her. A story of life, love, addiction, and redemption.
Jamie Stern
Jamie was born in Chicago, Illinois, and raised in the seaside community of New Smyma Beach, Florida. As a teen, he enrolled in a TV production class,writing,directing and acting in a weekly broadcast. He is especially proud of his exceptionally awkward performance as George Michael, complete with a disturbing beard made of real coffee grounds.
Convinced he had more to learn after finishing college, Jamie attended the Actors Studio MFA Program in New York City. After graduation he returned to the theater, training as a director and actor under Joseph Chaikin.
He moved to Los Angles in 2001, and soon appeared in NAMES, the critically acclaimed play about The Group Theater and The Hollywood Blacklist.
At the same time, he completed his first original screenplay, Blood on the Water, about The Golden Age of Piracy in the US Colonies.
In 2002, Jamie became a lifetime Member of The Actors Studio and appeared in THE THEBAN WARRIORS, a seafaring romantic comedy dealing with homosexuality in the US Navy. His portrayal of a headstrong sailor caught the eye of Noah Kadner.
This stroke of luck led to FORMOSA, Jamie’s second screenplay. He is currently at work on his next film, a sci-fi spectacular to be helmed by Kadner some time in the near future.
Jamie is a good friend of Catherine Carlen and when she called him about RUNNING OUT OF TIME IN HOLLYWOOD he couldn’t wait to jump on board.
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