A 50-year-old actress tries to make a comeback in Hollywood ... and it nearly kills her. A story of life, love, addiction, and redemption.
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RUNNING OUT OF TIME IN HOLLYWOOD marks the first solo feature film-producing credit for Biff Johnson in a 42-year career. It also marks the first production for OTSEGO PRODUCTIONS the new production entity founded in 2004 with his wife Catherine Carlen.
Biffs’ career started on Broadway where he served as a stage manager on, DYLAN with Alec Guinness, THE ODD COUPLE, and THE LION IN WINTER among others.
He served as the production manager for the campaign rallies of Senator Eugene McCarthy, The United states presentation of the Mahareshi Mahesh Yogi, and the Billy Graham New York Crusade. He also stage-managed the unique ABC TV series THAT’S LIFE created by Marvin Marx. All of those in 1968.1968 was an interesting year.
1970 he embarked on a 35-year journey in what is now recognized as the Heyday of the Television commercial. Serving as an AD, producer and executive in charge of production for some of the seminal names and companies in the field. Rick Levine, Joe Pytka, Bob Giraldi, Tony Scott, Melvin Sokolsky, John Frankenheimer, to name a few.
In 1983 he co-founded the premiere commercials production services company, JOHNSON BURNETT. Over the next 22 years the company has serviced hundreds of millions of dollars of commercial and music video production in the United States and abroad.
The company has helped to launch over 20 production entities and provide a United States base for foreign companies shooting in the United States. It has also provided production services to films like THE MEN’S CLUB, the 2002 SUNDANCE audience award winner AMANDALA and Miramax’s BAD SANTA.
Currently he continues to work with select clients such as ABC, FOX, MIRAMAX and HSN. He is developing a Web based series with His wife and Partner Catherine and is looking forward to realizing the opportunities that are presenting themselves by the new technological paradigm.
RUNNING OUT OF TIME IN HOLLYWOOD is a film about challenges and personal empowerment. It is also a testimony about what creative people can do when they choose never to give up and to stop reaching for their dreams before the miracles can happen.
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