A 50-year-old actress tries to make a comeback in Hollywood ... and it nearly kills her. A story of life, love, addiction, and redemption.
Otsego Productions Inc. Presents:

“Running Out Of Time In Hollywood”

Produced by:
Roger Biff Johnson

Directed by:
Jim Edwards and Catherine Carlen

Director of Photography:
Jim Edwards

Story by:
Catherine Carlen

Edited by:
Jim Edwards

Executive producer:
Catherine Carlen

Music by:
Billy Sullivan

Catherine Carlen, John Diehl, Billy Wirth, Michael Harris, Judy Dixon, Maggie Wagner, Kevin Kelly, Shaunt Benjamin, Jamie Stern, Jack Heller, Biff Johnson, Carlen Johnson, Gregory Michael, Tai Li Bond, Susan Batson and Lela Rochon

RUNNING OUT OF TIME IN HOLLYWOOD is a story about a fifty-year-old woman who struggles to return to her greatest love and her most feared addiction of ACTING. Catherine gores after an acting career like a moth to a flame and is consumed by it. Her husband, Biff, has just lost his company of 30 years and her daughter, Carlen, is a precocious pre-teen and their 4 dogs and a cat are getting hungry.
Catherine thinks that getting an acting job in Hollywood is going to be easy. Why wouldn’t they give a well trained actress a job? She worked for years before in the business and now just because she’s not 30 why would it be different? She just didn’t realize that the fastest growing minority in the United States are fifty year old women and Hollywood hates them.
Nothing is going to stop Catherine from saving her family because she is fearless, demanding, obsessed, dramatic, sexy, impulsive, and funny too. A deadly combination for Hollywood.
She is not going to sit back and wait for “THEM”(the Business) to give it to her. She becomes addicted to acting again and that leads her into situations that could destroy her family and ultimately her life. Her soul unravels fast and the glue that held her together before just isn’t working any more. She is lost and desperate and tries to Stop her acting addiction and needs something bigger than herself to restore her to sanity.
On her journey from Publicists Office to the Emergency Room she hooks up with kindred spirits who inspire her, sabotage her, threaten her, excite her, challenge her, and PUSH her right over the edge.
Catherine’s deep and desperate search for her dream takes her to the meaning of life and when she gets there she is free once more to take the good with all the bad and to always remember to never give up. Life is worth living you just have to enjoy, relax, let go and don’t try too hard.
Otsego Productions